2. Facilities / Characteristics

Facilities / Characteristics

A Complex of Diverse Facilities Revolving Around Efficient Office Functions

Reliable emergency power supply and backup communication lines
The fourth basement floor houses two emergency power generators (one is dedicated to tenant use). Under a separate agreement, tenants can receive sufficient electric power to continue operations for at least 48 hours even in the event of a power failure. Communication lines include regular telephone lines, optical fiber lines, and two lead-in service lines for tenant use. The lines of a number of different carriers such as NTT and KDDI are led into the building through different channels to provide flexible choices by the tenants, as well as to secure backup lines in case of emergency. Cellular phone antennas for NTT Docomo and au cellular phones are installed on every floor.
Protection of main building functions in the event of a major earthquake
The building frame, facilities, and machinery are based on anti-earthquake design standards to protect not only human lives but also the building's main functions should an earthquake on the scale of the Great Kanto Earthquake or the Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake occur. Even if lifeline utilities stop, private power generators will provide enough electricity to allow tenants to continue their business operations for at least 48 hours. The building is structurally designed to withstand an incident seismic wave level 1.2 times greater than the level required by the new earthquake resistance standards revised in 1981.
Easily modifiable OA floor
Floors of individual offices are composed of 100mm * 100mm OA floor panels to accommodate even the most complex wiring installation (250mm * 250mm on floors 27 - 31). Under the floor, one OA circuit and two OA outlets are provided for each 3.2m * 3.2m module.
Individually adjustable air-conditioning system
Each floor is divided into four air-conditioning zones that can be individually controlled. Operating time can be extended per zone, and temperature can be adjusted per VAV (variable air volume) system. An air barrier system is adopted near the windows, and heaters are installed under the windows on the northern side to increase air-conditioning efficiency and maintain a comfortable temperature. Additionally, the building's LAN system allows temperature and time extension settings to be made via personal computers.

OA floor
OA floor

Sufficient electric power capacity
A large electric power capacity of 130VA/m2 easily meets all the electric power requirements for the installation, addition, and operation of office equipment.
Comfortable office environment in every room
All floors are 2,800mm from floor to ceiling, to create a physically attractive and comfortable office space.
Optimized elevator access to each floor
The floors of the building are grouped into zones, and the twelve elevators are each programmed to only stop within a specific zone or zones. By skipping unspecified zones, passengers are quickly and efficiently transported to their destination floors.
Luxury hotel of global standards
The Four Seasons Hotel Marunouchi Tokyo occupies floors 3 to 7. With 57 guest rooms, including 9 suites, and a host of facilities and services that cater to the diverse needs of its guests, the hotel provides functional and comfortable accommodations fit for executives from around the world.
Commercial zone composed of diverse establishments
The first two floors and basement floor feature diverse commercial establishments, including a wide array of restaurants that offer lunch services to busy businessmen and a variety of shops that support office functions and operations.
Hotel entrance / Photo taken March 2010
Hotel entrance / Photo taken March 2010
Commercial establishments (B1 floor) / Photo taken March 2010
Commercial establishments (B1 floor) /
Photo taken March 2010
Hotel entrance / Photo taken March 2010)
Porte-cochere(B2 floor) / Photo taken August 2012

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